Billy LeGrand helps people improve their own lives.

Learn to

  • Move gracefully

  • Think clearly

  • Break bad habits

  • Reduce tension and stress

  • Recover and prevent injury

  • Age well

  • Get fit

  • Improve performance at work, in athletics, or on stage

Pain is not a gain.

Evolution produces effortless wellness. 

Lilly in Hand
Baby Sleeping
The Leap


You are right here.

Breathing, sensing, being.

Notice your state of calm, inner quiet.

Acknowledge any mental or physical habits that interrupt your elegant flow of



You have a choice.

Undo, unwind, release.

Pause habits that interfere with ease.

Release the tendency to do what is familiar, choose to be in this moment with effortless



You are already whole.

Free, expansive, limitless.

Allow a new experience to grow.

Let your self-imposed limits disappear, return to wellness, open into




In a society focused on achievement, we often believe the ends justify the means. Unfortunately, this approach to achievement is often unfulfilling - injury, isolation, illness, chronic pain, and depression are all too common.

There is another way. Nature works in a constant state of flow - think of endless ocean waves, a bird gliding with outstretched wings, or a tree reaching upward to the sun. A flow state is simply the result of clear focus in the present moment (the means), letting the ends take care of themselves. In such a system, the seeds of growth and renewal are ever present. Life is continuously refreshed with its own inherent purpose.

We are born in a flow state of deep presence and awareness. From there, we quickly ascend to evolutionary marvels such as elegantly walking on two feet or using descriptive verbal language. In adulthood, we continue to see flow states in peak human achievements - Einstein developing the theory of relativity, Usain Bolt running faster than anyone in history. However, we often overlook the exquisite flow present in our regular, everyday life.

When we give our full attention to the means of being human - the coordination of curiosity, movement and mindfulness - the ends we seek occur naturally. The troubles that plague society - tension, stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc. - are simply not compatible with the state of being gracefully engaged in one's own vivid sensations and surroundings. We possess the means to grow effortlessly happy, healthy, creative and fulfilled.

Over time, many of us unconsciously develop bad habits and stray from this path, convincing ourselves that this struggle is how life must be lived. But it is not so. We can always find the effortless flow of skill and poise in the act of living. We just need a process...



​NSA - guiding daily life

  • Notice

    • Deepen your awareness​

  • Stop

    • Gain control over habits​

  • Allow

    • Develop newfound skill​

CBA - creating a practice

  • Clean it up

    • Cultivate mastery​

  • Build it up

    • Enjoy the practice​

  • Add it in

    • Push your boundaries​