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Image by David Clode


Thousands of years ago, walking through dense brush.  You smell a familiar odor. Behind you a branch snaps. Your head rotates effortlessly atop your spine to see a lion. Fight or flight?

Wisely, you choose flight. Digestion stops, muscles strengthen, senses expand. You're running, fast. You climb a tree, pulling hard. The lion passes by. You sigh and sit back. You rest, and you digest.

We are built to be made strong, wise and resilient by our environment. In this modern world, things are not as they once were. We have become less robust.  

Effortless health and wellness is still in our DNA, we simply need a process...

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One on one, hands on, educational work that begins by addressing subtle aspects of how you move. In short order, you will live and breathe with a newfound sense of ease and gracefulness while eliminating pain and stress. 

Over time, the private lessons expand with your own interests to integrate mindful living into your overall everyday experience. 

From young to old, chronic pain sufferer to elite athlete, the Alexander Technique illuminates your own way to optimal health and well-being.

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